Coffee quickly became a comfort for me when I first started drinking it. It goes beyond the piping hot cup (or ice cold, if that's more your speed). It's something to bond over, be it catching up with an old friend or chasing the flame of a date.
When I split the cost for a Nespresso with my roommate on Black Friday, it gave me the drive to focus a project on it for my PR Publications class. The final assignment was centered on integrating every building block we added to our toolkits over the semester: photo editing, color theory, rules of alignment, proximity, and whitespace. All to create an informative and visually appealing brochure.
In the end, I got to experiment with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, giving me a fun flight around the Creative Cloud. Getting to garnish my work with copy I wrote was a flavorful touch that made the process feel far more cohesive and rewarding.

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