Believe it or not, one of the key components of being a great communicator is communicating! Conducting outreach with local, regional and even national publications is a core fundamental of the communications field.
While an intern at Curley & Pynn Public Relations Management, I coordinated with a reporter on a pitch for a story on Roger Pynn, a public relations legend and the founder and former president of Curley & Pynn. By maintaining an open line of communication and keeping information flowing, I set up interviews with Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine and Pynn, alongside the firm's current president, Dan Ward.
The result? An amazing article that speaks volumes to the magnitude of Pynn and the firm's achievements.
But don't take my word for it. Click here to read the article for yourself. Special thanks are in order for Alexis George, the reporter who took on the story!
A screenshot of an online article from Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine, titled "Roger Pynn: A Lifetime of Impact in Central Florida's Public Relations Industry" by Alexis George. A picture is included of Roger Pynn and Dan Ward, two influential figures of the company, in suits standing next to Knightro, the official mascot of the University of Central Florida.

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