"Daniel 'DJ' Geiger is an incredibly well-rounded communications professional whose skillset went beyond that of a basic intern. He is tech-savvy and intuitive, creative and hardworking, and was able to learn our business very quickly. For our small company, DJ handled numerous aspects of communication and marketing—from research and planning to writing and creating social media content. I was 100% confident in his ability to make changes to our website, edit our files, or contact vendors on our behalf."
-Kerry Martin, APR
President and Strategic Director
Ectovox Consulting
"DJ is a talented and thoughtful content developer who brought optimism, comedy, and fresh perspective to every project we've worked on together. He is incredibly dedicated, attentive, resourceful, and kind. His contributions to our team, even in the short time he interned with us, were deeply impactful and his absence from the team will be felt. I can't wait to see what this superstar does next, and I am SO jealous of the next team he will be joining!"
-Angelina Shea Harris
Assistant Social Media Manager
Wizards of the Coast
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